Compact Cassette

This gallery is a homage to the good old analog compact cassette also called music cassette. I show some tapes of different brands and type sorted by brands. I hold BASF, Denon, FUJI, maxell, RAKS, Sony and TDK of various types (I, II, IV). I also added three special cassettes from EMI "Scratch and Break" (my favorite, because of Boytronic - You and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - New York, New York), Europa "Neue deutsche Welle" and Ernst Klett "Learning English".

The cassette, a Sony CHF 60 type I (1978 - 1981), shown in the splash (in very bad condition now) is my absolut favorite, because it contains Bollock Brothers - Faith Healer, a radio recording of Big Black - Bad Penny and L DopaTrisomie 21 ‎– Joh' Burg and UV Pop - Serious.

Lyrics of Big Black - L Dopa:

I got a sickness sweet as a love note
I got a headache like a pillow
Called me Daisy, called me Daisy, called me Daisy, that one
Called me Daisy
I am a sweetheart
I am a prom queen
I am some puppies
What, Daisy?
What, Daisy?
Are we here now?
I am a horror
This is an old one
What, Daisy?
L Dopa fixed me, all right

Lyrics of UV-Pop - Serious:

Little boys say
Big ones don't cry
Look at you now
Look at you now
Never take what dreams are made of
Makes me laugh so,

Serious serious 

Children play
Outside my window
Happy happy
Black and white
Go and join them
Won't you won't you
Always wanted
Always wanted to be

Serious serious
Serious serious
Serious serious

Only two things
Free in life are
Love and air is
Love and air is
Clench my hand I'll take you walking
Into the stars into the dark the dark
The dark the dark.

Serious serious
We're so serious


The following cassette brands and types (I, II, IV) I found in my tape archive:

Cassette brands and types
Brand Type  
BASF I Ferro Standard (FE I)
  II chromdioxyd II (LH), chrome extra II (CE II), chrome super II (CS II), TP II
Denon II HD7
maxell I UR
Sony I CHF
  II UX, UX-S, UX-ES, UX Pro
  IV Metal-XR

On the website Vintage Cassettes you find beatiful pictures of sealed compact casettes from the years 1963 to 2010.

My archive also contains the heavy metal beast from TDK a MA-XG 90 the transparent, coolest and heaviest cassette.

On YouTube you find a video about the "The Last Audio Cassette Factory" by Bloomberg.