Pixelated People

The gallery Pixelated People is a combination of the People and the Pixelated gallery. It shows people I met in Aachen as pixelated images, specially produced to view on the Oric-1 homecomputer from the year 1983. The Oric-1 has a 8-bit 6502A processor @ 1 MHz and 16 KB or 48 KB RAM and 16 KB ROM. The graphic "HIRES" (high resolution) mode has 200 rows of 240 pixels with additional 3 rows a 40 characters of text and has a 3-bit RGB palette and can display 6 colors + black and white. Because of the limited color palette most of the images in this gallery are dithered to create the illusion of "color depth".

Special thanks to Kriszta (the sweet girl shown in the splash image) for the permisson for publishing.