Type-in Image

Once upon a time memory and data storage was very very expensive and cloud storage or the internet was not acessible to the public.

This series with type-in images is dedicated to all the people that typed in program listings from magazines into home computers in the late 1970s and early 1980s as I was doing (thanks to my brother's for dictating the hex-values).
If you don't know about type-in programs or simple type-in, read the Wikipedia article Type-in program

In order to see the uncompressed image you need (to do) the following things:

  • Hex-Editor
  • Oric-1 / Atmos original home computer (16 Kb is enough) from the 1980s or an emulator like the famous Oricutron.
  • Printer, the most fun is to use a dot-matrix printer (if you could find one on the flea, in your cellar or buy a new one)
  • Time and plenty of concentration
  • Optional is a checksum program, hex-calculator or hex editor with checksum to verify each line (sum of the hex values in one row is the last value |ABCD|)
  • Save the typed-in hex values [a-f0-9] (without the linenumbers, spaces, decoration '|', checksum and last line) as .tap in binary format and CLOAD"" into the target machine.

Special thanks to Magnus Lind for the compressor that I used to compress the image and automatically self decompress in memory when run on the target machine after loading without any user interaction. The containing image of the type-in "Exo Planet" published on flickr is specially dedicated to him.

Enjoy typing-in. Do not scan and don't use OCR, but print the type-in code on paper, put your favorite vinyl from the 80's on your turntable and type it into your favorite editor, if you want to feel the late 1970s and early 1980s. If you can see the image, congratulations, if not try harder. If you got it, let me know, but please don't post the image anywhere.

Want to become a master and get the true feeling: Type it in directly - after printing with the dot-matrix printer - on the orginal hardware.

You need some training with (.tap) tape files? Download a image as .wav for the Oric-1 from Aachen360 convert to .tap with wav2tap and CLOAD" into the Oric-1 or your favorie Oric-1 emulator.

Also have a look at "The Oric Type In Library" of "The Reluctant Dragon" where you find programs for the Oric-1 / Atmos computer that have appeared as type-in in various computer magazines over the years 

Enjoy retro computing.